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Proven step-by-step video training that shows you how to find your course idea, build your audience, and get your first sales, without FB ads, complicated funnels, or expensive tech!

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I've helped 30,000+ creative entrepreneurs and content creators whilst being featured on:

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Inside This Free Online Course You'll Learn...

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How to Find a Course Idea That Is Guaranteed to Sell

Learn how to find your winning online course idea and generate sales before you even record a lesson, so that you don't waste time or money.

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How to Grow Your Traffic & Audience Online

Learn how to grow your audience online for free and turn them into email list subscribers, so that when you launch your course you're setup for success!

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How to Create a Simple 3-Step Sales Funnel

Learn how to create an automated passive-income generating sales funnel that endlessly grows your audience and creates daily course sales.

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Hey I'm Aaron Ward!

This is my newest free mini-course that shows you...well... how to create your own online course and sell it! For the past 2 years I've been selling online courses to earn a full time 6-figure income, which has allowed me to enjoy life more and have control over my time. I made a lot of mistakes along the way, and now I want to help other ambitious creative entrepreneurs build their own successful online learning products.

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Max Eleftherio

"Really Know Your Stuff"

I've been extremely happy with the results I got from Aaron! I’ve learned how to build sales pages, email lists, and create profitable online courses. I’ve made a friend I hope to continue working with.

Max Eleftherio

New York, USA

Gal Rubin

"$30k in Sales"

Aaron gave me the motivation to be an entrepreneur on the internet, so thank you Aaron. Last year you helped me gain over $30,000 through your advice while I was still in school.

Gal Rubin

Tel Aviv, Israel

Andre Savage

"The Value Is Amazing"

I really appreciate you always keeping your courses up to date. Literally the only "guru" I've seen that is in it for the value more than they money.

Andre Savage

Los Angeles, California

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